Inability to lose weight? The answer could be in your blood!

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How frustrating! How infuriating! How depressing! How discouraging! It just makes me want to give up!

I’ve done EVERYTHING I should EVERY DAY: I drink all 8 glasses of water, eat 6 smaller meals, eat at least 10 different healthy foods, eat at least 4 vegetables, exercise (5 days a week), take my supplements, use a great meal replacement shake twice a day, finish all my meals before 8:00 in the evening, and live an active lifestyle.

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.

I have eliminated/strictly limited sugar, potatoes, gluten, corn, and dairy from my diet.

So why, then, has my weight either stayed the same or increased?????

Well, there are other factors that are involved in women’s weight.

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My husband and I have been doing the TERRAfit 90-day fitness challenge together since September 28, 2015. His weight has steadily gone down every week. Mine has stayed pretty much the same. I am still overweight, bordering on obesity. That is not a healthy way I want to live my life.  Why does he see success where I am completely stuck?

We recently attended a Mind and Body Wellness Fair in Kelowna, B.C., where we met some interesting people who have shed some light on this subject.

One lady, in particular, Shannon Bliss is a wonderful lady who founded “Health is Bliss” in Kelowna, B.C. We took the opportunity to have her look at each of our blood and do a quick “Live Blood Analysis.” It was fascinating! We learned so much about ourselves and what we each need to do to improve our health, just by looking under a microscope to see what our blood had to tell us. We are so VASTLY different, yet at the same time, have some similarities.

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A couple of the things that I learned about my own health are:

1. Although I am taking a fantastic nutritional supplement (Life Long Vitality) with all the omega’s one could possibly ask for in a supplement, my body has not been absorbing any of them – at all! This is one of the reasons I am always feeling so exhausted and unmotivated. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning feeling like you haven’t even slept yet. Sure, I went to sleep. My eyes were closed all night, but I didn’t feel rested. I have had to push myself to get excited about our 6:00 a.m. workout session before we get on with our busy day. Gratefully (I think), my husband is dedicated to helping me reach my goals and wants to see me succeed as much as I do, so he makes sure I get the workouts done. Yes, I have continued doing our workouts; although, admit that I am asking myself, “what’s the point? It’s not making a difference anyway.”  Yeah, I know that my thoughts have an effect on my results. I promise I will improve on that.  (I’ll post some interesting information about that later on.)

So, having learned that my red blood cells are not using the omega’s that I am taking means having to switch to another omega complex. I have not been excited about having to switch because I really like my current supplements. I talked to the owner of “Nature’s Cabin” in Cardston, Alberta. She suggested that taking Acetyl L-Carnitine may help me to absorb the healthy fats I am eating in my diet as well as the omegas I am supplementing with. I am truly hoping that it makes a difference.

Shannon also explained that it would be wise to use emulsified omega’s to help my body learn what it should be doing with those beautiful omega’s. So, I have switched from my usual regimen to give that a try, with the intention to return to my original supplements in a few months when by body is ready.

2. My liver is having to pick up the work that my red blood cells are not doing. This is causing distress to the liver. In all my years of learning about weight management and loss, I understand that if the liver isn’t happy, weight is not going anywhere. The liver needs help first. Once the liver is happy, then it can do its job of clearing out toxins and excess weight. This poor liver needs some TLC. I will continue with the healthy foods and staying away from the unhealthy sugary, packaged, fast foods that seem to be taking over our Western diet and lifestyle. I will also be diligently working on helping those red blood cells to do their job effectively and efficiently, thereby taking some of the workload off the liver.

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3. A magnesium deficiency can lead to problems like poor bowel health, poor sleep quality, migraines & headaches (I ALWAYS have a headache), fatigue/low energy, chronic neck and back pain, stiff, sore muscles, sugar cravings and weight gain, PMS and hormonal imbalances, constipation, indigestion, teeth grinding, and so many more symptoms and conditions. I have suffered with all of these.

Yes, I started taking a magnesium supplement right away. I chose to use “CALM.” I found it at the local health food store, “Nature’s Cabin.” It’s a powder that you mix with warm water and drink just before bedtime. It has a tart-sweet taste (something like SweetTarts), and it has a light fizz to it. The first night I took it, I found that I had such a restful sleep that I didn’t want to disturb it in the morning. It felt so good to feel so relaxed I didn’t want to move a muscle. Okay, so I still had a hard time getting out of bed – but for a different reason.

There were a number of other things that I discovered about my health that I have learned what and how to change and what direction to take that I am feeling encouraged and hopeful. I am working to become healthy from the inside out. If you are concerned about some of these things or want to know what’s really going on inside your body, I would recommend Shannon Bliss to you. She is thorough and explains things in a way that you can understand. As always, I also recommend talking to your healthcare provider to be sure you aren’t missing any underlying issues.