Green Cleaning Never Had It So Good!

Green cleaning never had it so good! Your guests will leave this motivating workshop with a complete line of eco-friendly, essential oil household products.


Are you open to natural methods of wellness? Are you open to Green cleaning with essential oils? What do you know about essential oils? Would you like to know more about them?

On our journey of natural health and wellness, we came across this awesome green cleaning option – making our own natural, effective, cleaners with essential oils.

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants. Like a toolbox has many different tools to build a house, each essential oil has its own properties, whether they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and the list goes on. I am very confident cleaning with essential oils because of their powerful properties.

Have you ever noticed that a large amount of commercial cleaners use ingredients like lemon, lime, etc.? That is because of their awesome grease-cutting properties. Those are the natural properties of lemon and lime oils! Why not take those natural properties and put them into your own green cleaners?!

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When you make them yourself, you know exactly what’s in them. There will be no chemicals to irritate the lungs, skin, nails, hair, or any other body systems.

If you are particularly sensitive to store-bought cleaners, this could be the perfect answer to help you keep your home and family clean, healthy, and

We are currently offering Green Cleaning Make N’ Take Workshops in Calgary at the Shawnessy YMCA during the months of October and November.

We will be making All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Counter Top Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Wood Furniture Cleaner, Tile & Grout Cleaner, Fruit & Veggie Spray, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner, and more…… You can make all 11 spray cleaners or pick and choose what you like the best!

Need a different day, time, or location? Would you like to earn free oils? Host a class! We offer workshops in Calgary, Lethbridge, and Cardston, Alberta. Get your friends together for an evening of fun & education, and you and your friends get to take home the powerful benefits of your own green cleaners! Workshops are complimentary, except the cost of the supplies. Contact us! We’ll tell you more!

Come to a class that your friend is hosting! If you bring a friend, you’ll receive a gift just for bringing another guest with you! Be sure to register you and your friend for the workshop to ensure there are enough supplies on hand.

We are so excited to share with you!

You can e-mail us at or text 403-382-8885.