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Effective Green Cleaning DIY

Protect Family Wellness With Effective Green Cleaning DIY

Kathryn: I know that everybody here knows me, except for Debbie, so we’ll quickly go through who I am and who Mark is, and we’ll share our little desktop here, and kind of go through some information.

Then, we’ll go through some specific pieces that we are going to go through what we have on our little display.

Who We Are

The first thing is who we are. We are Mark and Kathryn Easthope. We have been using doTERRA for quite a while, since 2012, Christmas.

Our Family

This is our family. We have 10 children between us, and now we have 6 and two halves of grandchildren, so two on the way. It’s really fun. Aubrey, how many days left?

Kathryn’s Education

I am a health/ lifestyle coach and transformational coach, and I am studying nutrition currently as well.

From Wheelchair to Machu Picchu

I am writing a book called “From Wheelchair to Machu Picchu: Journey in the Search of Hope” because I used to be in a wheelchair, and the essential oils and some other wonderful things that happened helped me get out of that wheelchair, and then I was able to do what I wanted to do, which was to climb Machu Picchu, and I am writing a book about that.

What You Will Learn

So, let’s get right into what you are going to learn today. You are going to learn about

  • What essential oils are
  • How essential oils kill viruses or bacteria or things like that
  • What oils to use to make your own antibacterial and antiviral cleaners
  • Essential oils and pet safety, because there are some that you want to avoid using
  • And, of course we’ll offer recipes and ideas on how you can incorporate that into your home, and help protect yourself from all the threats that are circulating around right now.

What Are Essential Oils?

Let’s go right into what are essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts from plants. In this picture that you see here is actually a gigantic picture of a peppermint leaf, if you can believe it.

When you zoom right in, these little sacks that sit on the top of the leaf are what hold the actual essential oil.

Essential oils are highly concentrated from the actual peppermint leaf. They are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs, because they are so concentrated. There is a wide range of uses for essential oils, from cosmetics to foods to natural health solutions…it’s just so vast.

Often, the inspiration for synthetically produced pharmaceutical products comes from essential oils or plants.

100% Natural

First thing to know is they are 100% natural, or they should be, and there are some, you’ll see here in this little chart here that there are some that are synthetic. You want to avoid those because they are not going to be therapeutic for you, and they are actually going to harm you if you use them in the wrong way.

There are some that are used in foods, so natural, not even natural – sometimes they are synthetic – Flavourings that go into gums, salad dressings and frozen foods, all kinds of things.

We have therapeutic levels, which are not necessarily pure, but they do have concentrated amounts of specific components in them.

Then, of course, we have the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade,

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

which means that the plants must be sourced from their native or indigenous growing region.

The testing guarantees the absence of toxins, contaminants or microorganisms that could harm you.

They go through rigorous testing, which assures the presence of the desired therapeutic qualities that we need, and the purity of the oils guarantees that there are no negative side effects.

And, of course, guaranteed potency, because they are so powerful, and they are not diluted.

Essential Oils and Viruses

Here’s probably the most important part of our class today, aside from learning which ones to use, and this is probably the most exciting.

Did you want to teach that part Mark?

Mark: Sure, I can do that. What’s cool about essential oils is what you are seeing on your screen right now is a cell that’s in your body, and what happens is viruses can get inside that cell.

Bacteria kind of grows on the outside of it, which is what you’re seeing in the picture, which is why when you go to the doctor, and you’ve got some kind of a bacterial thing happening, they can prescribe to you a pharmaceutical product of antibiotics, because antibiotics are hydrophilic.

They can actually get around the cell and kill the bacteria around the cell. The problem is the virus is living inside the cell, and that’s why when you’ve got a cold or something, they won’t give you an antibiotic because it doesn’t help, because that’s the virus that’s inside the cell.

Essential Oils Are Lipophilic

The nice part about essential oils is that they are lipophilic. They match the cell, because the cell is ‘lipo’ and it allows the essential oil to pass through the membrane into the centre of the cell and kill off the virus. That’s why they are so essential for both viruses and bacteria.

Kathryn: And what does lipo mean? Lipo is the fat. The outside of your cell is a fat-based membrane.

You’ve heard of the term essential fatty acids?

Well, that’s exactly what your cell membrane is made of is fatty acids.

When the essential oils are able to get through that and get right to the virus, it is very comforting for me to know that it can get in there, because what viruses do, is they actually trick the cell into letting it into the actual cell.

Once it’s there, it just multiplies and multiplies and multiplies until it explodes the cell, and then all of those new virus cells go into all of the new cells and trick them, and they just keep going and going. That’s why viruses are so difficult to stop.

Clean Surfaces with Essential Oils

When the essential oils can get in there and stop them in their tracks, I kind of like that, and that makes cleaning with them so effective, because they can actually stop it on surfaces, your clothing, your hands. When you are washing with them it is just so vast how well they can help with that.

Aromatic Use

When we are using the essential oils aromatically, yes, they can affect mood, but more importantly, they can clean the air of the pathogens and other threats that may be circulating.

If someone has coughed or sneezed, or what other airborne ways they can get into the air, if you are diffusing things like On Guard, or other oils that we will go through, in your home, then you can actually help with the airborne viruses, and with the current threat that we have right now. That particular threat attacks the lungs first – that’s what they will attach onto.

So, if you are able to kill off those viruses before they even get into the lungs, you’re a step ahead.

Topical Use

Then, of course we have topical use.

If you are washing your hands with them, cleaning surfaces, using it on your feet to help babes and children especially, and with adults as well, then they really really work very effectively.

Internal Use

Then, we have the internal use.

When I speak of internal use, I am ONLY speaking of the doTERRA oils, because I know they are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

There are some you want to avoid using internally, and there are some safety practices you need to follow that I am not covering today. So, do not use them internally until we talk. Okay?

Some ways that you can use them internally will help also systemically across the whole system to be able to fight off these pathogens that we’re facing.

Cleaning With Essential Oils

Let’s get right into cleaning with the essential oils.

Antiviral Essential Oil Recommendations

As I went through my studies, I went through what I have for scientific research, the antiviral essential oil recommendations are these. Notice that we have red, orange, and green recommendations.

Red Recommendations

The red recommendations are the ones that have been clinically proven to be the most effective against particular threats.

Orange and Green Recommendations

Then we have the orange, which are the next, and the green which are the next. They are called ‘other’, if you will.

Lots of Options

What’s wonderful is you can use any one of these, and it will be effective against antiviral threats, or against the viruses that come along. We have more than one virus that we have to face every single day, so we will kind of broaden that a bit.

On Guard on there, and you are going to notice that On Guard is on most of them.

On Guard is a blend that is made of several different oils that I will talk about in a minute. You will see we have got things like Melaleuca, also known as Tea Tree oil, Lime, Cinnamon, Lemon. These are ones that you have probably heard of already.

Like, really? Can Thyme really help with viruses? Absolutely it sure can. Lavender as well.

Antibacterial Essential Oil Recommendations

You’ll see antibacterial properties here as well. On Guard again, Melaleuca, Thyme, Cinnamon, Stronger, Peppermint, Purify, Litsea, Pink Pepper, Lemon Myrtle, and Lime.

Mark and I were actually having a discussion this morning. He said, “You know, Pink Pepper is really good for antibacterial properties.” And I said, “No, I think it’s really good for digestive.” We were both right when I was really really looking into our research that we have.

There are lots of options here.

On Guard

Then, of course, we have actual On Guard that is probably the biggest seller. When I was looking online today, probably 50% of these products are sold out with doTERRA right now. Last month they had a really great promotion that they put on. Then, of course, this month things are happening the way they are.

You have to know how good On Guard really is. It helps to support healthy immune function. It contains cleansing properties. On Guard is made up of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon Leaf, and Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus Leaf and Rosemary Leaf essential oils.

It should be fairly safe for everyone. However, there are a couple of oils in here that your pets may not be able to tolerate, so be aware of that. We will go through that in a minute.

If you find that On Guard really is not quite what you need in your home, then we have other recipes and options for you.

On Guard Recommendations

We will talk about the antiviral conditions that On Guard provides.

You can use the On Guard+ softgels for your immune support. That would be an internal way.

The On Guard foaming Hand Wash to help protect against skin borne micro-organisms is so effective.

The On Guard Cleaner Concentrate that we have helps eliminate micro-organisms from your household surfaces.

Of course, the protecting Throat Drops to soothe any irritate sore throats that you may have.

Michelle’s Story

I have a friend that we met 6 years ago, Michelle. When I first met her, she told us about a story when the H1N1 virus came out, and everyone was really scared about that and the effects it may have.

She had a family member, I think it was two of her sons – she had 5 boys – two of them actually did contract H1N1, and of course, they were quarantined for however long they had to be.

She called up her friend, Teresa, and she asked, “okay, what do I do?”

She said, “Okay, you need to diffuse On Guard and use the On Guard Foaming Hand Wash.” She used the SoftGels, and everything else that she possibly could in using those On Guard products.

You know, not one of her other family members caught the H1N1, even though they were all quarantined together. And, the other ones actually recovered quicker than they would have otherwise. So, that’s a testament to me as to how effective the essential oils really are.

Immune Support and Stimulant Essential Oil recommendations

For immune support and stimulating that immune system, these are some essential oil recommendations that you could follow. I am sure you have heard of oregano, and of course, Tea Tree is there again. Rosemary, Clove, Frankincense. And you notice that a lot of these are in the On Guard.

We have Geranium, Lemon, and Lavender. If you don’t really have a lot of these on hand, but you might have a Lime or Thyme, give it a try and see if it can help support your immune system right now.

Other Natural Cleaning Ingredients

Then, we have other cleaning ingredients which are natural that you can use when we are talking about putting together some of these recipes today. These other things are in the recipes.

  • Vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Castile soap
  • Fractionated Coconut Oil
  • And, of course, good old Borax that has been around forever

Pet Safety – Essential Oils To Avoid

Let’s talk about pet safety before I give you some recipes.

There are lots more than this list that pet owners need to be aware of, but these are ones that I might be talking about today. I thought maybe I would only include the ones that I might be talking about.

I can share with you more research, and I can share with you a post that one of our daughters shared with us this last week. It was very inclusive of oils to avoid, because they can harm your pet. They can harm them emotionally and physically.

There are lots of things that can happen with particular essential oils, while others can help support their immune system or support their liver, help them emotionally. So, there are specific ones you can use and want to use. There are other ones that you want to avoid.

Does this all make sense? I can’t hear you of course, so I am hoping that it does.

Essential Oils to Avoid with Pets

  • Cassia
  • Clove
  • Garlic
  • Mustard
  • Oregano
  • Thyme
  • Tansy
  • Tea Tree
  • Wintergreen
  • Yarrow

And you note that I have already talked about some of these already, so these are the ones. If you want to take a screen shot, I would now, because they are one that you want to be aware of.

When we talk about the recipes and you find that there may be one of these oils in a recipe that you want to use, you can either omit that particular oil or replace it with a different one that would be safer for your pet.

Recipes and Ideas

Let’s talk about recipes and ideas. Of all of the ones on the left, if you are attending this webinar, I will send you all the recipes for these:

  • All-Purpose Cleaning Spray
  • Counter Top Cleaning Spray
  • Glass & Window Cleaning Spray
  • Mattress Refresher Spray
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Spray
  • Stainless Steel Cleaning Spray, which actually works like a dream! It’s wonderful!
  • Tile & Grout Cleaning Spray
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaning Spray
  • Tub & Shower Cleaning Spray
  • Wood Furniture Cleaning Spray
  • Fruit & Veggie Cleaning Spray

Those are all going to be included in the e-mail I send out to you with all of the recipes there.

Then, we have other ones that I can help you find.

Other Green Cleaning Ideas from “Modern Essentials”

  • Dishwasher cleaner.
  • There is On Guard Laundry Detergent. There are ways that you can make your own laundry detergent and softener.
  • Carpet care
  • Closet deodorizer
  • Surface wipes. That would be huge. If you can make your own surface wipes, like baby wipes kind of idea, then take them with you when you go out, you can wipe down surfaces like shopping carts, door handles, restaurant tables, tray tables in an airplane, which if you’re traveling. Lots of different ways you can employ those.
  • Kid’s rooms sprays
  • Glasses lens cleaner
  • Garbage disposal refresher

Other Ideas

And I know that Faith has some other ideas that she can share with us, because she shared a whole bunch this week, and I was like, Oh! I think I’ll do that! She told me about – you know that grime that you get on the top of your cupboards from cooking, like all that greasy dirt. S

he told me how to zap that, and I will let her tell us that in a minute. She’s got some really great stuff!

How Do I Get Essential Oils In My Home?

I will tell you right now. You are probably asking yourself, “Well, that’s all well and good, but I don’t have those essential oils in my house. How do I get them?”

Become A Wholesale Customer

One way you can get them is through a wholesale membership. You can get 25% below retail. Membership is free with any enrolment kit. I can help you with that. And, if you are not really ready for that, there is always retail, and you can go to this site:

Become a Retail Customer

You can order retail, or you can get a wholesale membership there. As well, just so you know that the difference between retail and wholesale. With retail, you are always paying normal pricing. There is no obligation, and you just pay all your shipping.

Benefits for Wholesale Customers

With wholesale, you always get 25% off that retail. There is still no obligation. You can order monthly, if you wish or you can order casually. You will always get your discount shipping when you are ordering on the Loyalty Rewards Program.

Become A Wellness Advocate

You can share oils with friends and make money if you want to, and you will have access to our team resources and support, which are quite vast! This is only just a tip of the iceberg in the support that you’ll have.

Loyalty Rewards Program

Then, of course, the smartest way to buy is to get onto the Loyalty Rewards Program where you can get percentages back. We can talk more about that.

Wholesale Membership Rewards Overview

That’s just the overview.

Next: How to Put Your Cleaners Together

What we are going to do right now, is we are going to switch from a slide. We are going to talk about the actual oils that are here and how you are going to put them together, and we’ll give Faith some time to share some of her awesome ideas so that we can learn more, because I love learning more from everybody. How is that?

Faith’s Vinegar and Grapefruit Essential Oil Cleaning Solution

Faith: The cabinet thing is kind of a funny situation. Long story short, we had kitty cats who were long haired, and there was fur everywhere. no longer had poor said kitty cats, but I needed to get something from the top of our cupboards, because I wanted to reuse it and repurpose it and recycle it. It was totally disgusting on the top.

It was , like, grease and 2-3 years of cat hair, and I was just, like, Oh my gosh! When did I clean this last? Didn’t even want to think about it. So I went and just tried to wash it off with soap and water, and the tins were not coming clean.

I had already made natural all-purpose cleaner out of white vinegar and grapefruits. You have to let it soak for 30 days. Of course I didn’t have any. I was completely out. I thought, what am I going to do?

I went to my glass bottle, and I added vinegar, and I added about 5 or 6 drops of Grapefruit essential oil, just because I knew I needed it, it was so disgusting, to the water. Then, I sprayed, and it just wiped off lickety split!

What To Do For Tough and Stubborn Spots

There were a couple of really intense spots where I needed to spray a couple times, but for the most part, I could just use my white vinegar with my essential oil of grapefruit, and I added a little bit of cinnamon just to get that nice smell and cleaning power, and just wiped it all clean and lickety-split.

It was actually faster than soap and water and scrubbing and elbow grease. I was amazed. Absolutely amazed!

So that’s one thing, and then I think you are going to do laundry, so I don’t want to touch on my laundry just in case.

Kathryn: Oh, no, do! Yeah, do the laundry one, because I don’t have a laundry recipe. All I have is is the On Guard laundry soap.

Faith’s Laundry Hacks

Faith: Okay, so before I got involved in doTERRA, and knew about that soap, what I have done that works for me to sanitize my laundry and keep it brighter and cleaner was, of course, Borax.

I put Borax, and I only use about maybe a quarter cup.

I put it in the pre-wash compartment of the washer.

Then, I add about an eight of a cup of baking soda.

I put vinegar into the top in the fabric softener section of the washing machine.

Then, I just used regular soap.

Then I add Melaleuca (AKA) Tea Tree oil.

Sometimes I will use chamomile for my bedsheets or Lavender, just to kind of give it that nice scent.

So I gave a couple of drops of the Tea Tree oil just for cleaning, and then I’ll use more Lavender, because my husband doesn’t enjoy the Tea Tree oil smell. He loves the Lavender, and it helps him from snoring, by the way, just saying

Kathryn: After learning about which ones are antiviral, antibacterial, does it bring you a little more comfort to know what they are actually doing for you?

Faith: Yeah! You know, it was surprising, and when we just went through prior to the whole scare, we had colds, and I ended up with bronchitis, and I ended up putting On Guard in my laundry, because it ended up opening my lungs. I also used Eucalyptus. So, I will use an oil depending on what’s required. I will add that to my laundry so that I have it in my bedsheets and in my towels so that it helps, depending on what’s going on, like allergy season. I will switch out my oils if I need to.

Everyone Is Unique

Kathryn: Perfect! Awesome! Yeah, you can use them according to what you need, because everybody is a little bit different.

We all have a different configuration in our home Yes, we have 10 children, but you know what? We’re empty nesters, and so it’s just my good husband and I right now, but our daughters have babies.

They have a different need. Some have pets, some don’t, so everybody has a slight different need for what they need for their cleaning.

How to Make Your Own Cleaners

Let’s get right into that here.

We have two pages worth of cleaning that we can send to you, and it actually includes how much you need to make either a 4-ounce, 8-ounce, or 16-ounce bottle. Our 4-ounce bottles are here.

This is just a simple 4-ounce bottle that you can buy. We buy it at either or Those are the two places that we get our supplies. Then, it just has a spray bottle on the top. Look how long that is.

I usually cut this off to whatever length I desire, because when I put it in, you probably can’t see it. The end of it comes all the way to the middle of the bottle. So, it got a little frustrating for me, thinking I still had a whole bunch in the bottom, but I couldn’t access it, so I would just cut off the end of the straw there. That works really well.

The other thing that we have. You’ll notice here that we have all kinds of stickers, so because you have come to this webinar, we will send you the stickers that you will need to put onto your bottles. You can buy the bottles online, and then we will send you these stickers, along with your recipes.

Do we have any questions so far? By the way, Aubrey said 18 days left until a grandbaby. Yes! I am so excited!

Do you have any questions Debbie or Faith or Aubrey?

Have you learned something new so far today?

Let me just demonstrate how we’ve made these particular sprays and cleaners. It’s super-duper easy. What you would just do is follow the recipe from top to bottom. You just put it right into the bottle Then you’ll just shake it up.

Water or vinegar and Oil Don’t Mix

We have had a discussion, Faith and I, in the last day or two about oil and water doesn’t mix. Would you all agree with that?

Yeah, oil and water doesn’t mix. It’s not supposed to. Oil and vinegar.

They don’t mix. But, what is one of the ingredients that we will be using? We will be using vinegar. We will be using water. We will be using Castile soap. We will be using Borax and baking soda and salt for cleaning.

All of these are wonderful. When you mix them together, they do their own job within that particular mix, and you will find that the oils are going to float on that surface. They’re going to. So, you just mix it up and spray. Then, you’ll get the right amount and everybody gets to do their own jobs within that mix. Does that make sense?

You have to remember that our very cells are oil and there is water that passes in between the cells, but the oil controls it. They are supposed to be separate. They are supposed to do their own job.

Some people say, well you shouldn’t use essential oils with water or with something else, because oils and water doesn’t mix. But they are in our body, and they mix pretty well the way they are supposed to.

Any comments further to that?

Be Sure to Use Glass Bottles

Mark: Just one little… If you are going to buy your own bottles, just make sure they are glass. Essential oils and plastics are not a good idea. Yes, the sprayer is plastic, or whatever, but basically what you want is the bottle. It is critical that you have a glass bottle. Be sure of that when you order your bottles.

Faith: Mark, is that because most of the oils have to avoid sunlight, which is why they are in an amber or a blue bottle?

Mark: That’s a good thing as well. As for plastic, remember that plastic is made from oil. So, when you add another oil, they start to fight each other a little bit. So, it’s not a good idea to have plastic.

If you want to drink some lemon in your water or whatever, make sure it’s a glass or metal container.

Our Favourite resources

Kathryn: We love, love, love this book right here. When you enroll with us as a wholesale customer or even as a Wellness Advocate, we give you one of these books as a thank you gift for joining us, and if you haven’t received yours, let me know, because we still have one for you.

In this book, it has some suggestions for things like disinfecting spray, dishwasher cleaner, and things like that. Disinfecting spray could be things like white vinegar and water in a spray bottle, and that’s it. Then, you can add whatever essential oils you feel that you want to use, based on what you are wanting to accomplish. If you are wanting to make sure that your surfaces are cleaned of any viruses or bacteria that may be invading your home, you can do that and feel very confident in that.

What We Learned About The CoronaVirus and Surfaces

We read an article written by a professor at San Diego University recently. It was sent to us by Jack Canfield.

He talked about the Coronavirus specifically. He said he had been studying the Coronavirus since the 70s, so it’s not new, but this strain is. This is a slightly different strain.

He talked about specific ways that we can protect ourselves and what precautions to take, which is quite nice, because, of course if we are taking the right precautions, then we should be safe.

No guarantees, of course.

He talked about how this virus can live on surfaces for up to a week, so we want to clean our surfaces as often as we possibly can, including your hands. How often we touch our eyes, our nose, and our mouth.

How Often We Touch Our Face

Did anybody see that FaceBook video that was absolutely hilarious? I did! Did you guys see that one? I don’t know if you saw it.

There was a Government official talking about us needing to not touch our eyes, nose or mouth, and in the middle of her talk, she licked her finger to turn the page. It was so funny.

It was just a demonstration of how often we do touch our eyes, nose and mouth so often without even realizing it.

The more often we can clean our hands and our surfaces, the better off we will be.

It’s Not The Virus I’m Concerned About, It’s the People Who Don’t Have Toilet Paper!

We have this On Guard Sanitizing Spray. If you can’t buy it online, you can make it. I have the recipe for that, so if you want that recipe, then we can certainly get that one to you as well.

We have the Sanitizing Spray in our pockets with us wherever we go, so if we’ve touched the doors or the shopping carts or shake hands…

My husband is so funny. He says, “It’s not the virus that I’m worried about. It’s more like the people who haven’t used toilet paper I’m more concerned about.”

Mark: If I’m shaking hands, well, I’m going to ask first if you have toilet paper at your house.

Kathryn: It can get fun. So, you can make your own hand sanitizer using ingredients that you may have on hand already using aloe vera gel and alcohol and On Guard itself. We have tons of On Guard here, even if they have run out online.

Call us and ask us if we have any left over, because we took advantage of last months’ promotion, and we got the Foaming Hand Wash, the Sanitizing Spray. We have the 15mL On Guard bottles.

We have all kinds of supplies here. So, if you need them, let us know, because you may not be able to buy them online on

We only have about six minutes left. Have you got enough information? Is there anything we have missed so far today?

Reduce Toxic Load

Faith: I would like to add something, if I may. The main reason I got involved in the cleaning naturally is because, as you probably all know is that the essential oils actually come from plants vs cleaners that are mass produced that end up having such things that are found in many of your cleaners, your carpet cleaners, things like chlorine that gets in the air, and that just burns your lungs.

There is tetracycline, which is in your dishwasher, in your hand liquid dishwashing detergent, which is aggressive antibacterial, but it is also very toxic. So, really think about what you are cleaning with, because, yes, everybody wants to clean everything, but is it healthy or is it toxic? That’s what you really have to answer for yourself.

For me, that is why I go with a more natural way, things that have been around for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years, from the beginning of time. That’s why the ancients and the biblical times and the Egyptians, they still find mummies with some of these essential oils they used for everything. It is just my point. Toxic vs not.

How Commercial Cleaners Affect Your Hormones

Kathryn: Yes Faith. You have a valid point, and it was one thing we were going to talk about, wasn’t it?

When we’re using these toxic chemicals on our bodies, and there are thousands of toxic chemicals in the cleaners that we buy, they actually are endocrine disruptors, which means that:

  • They affect our hormone levels and balances.
  • They affect our moods.
  • They affect our weight.
  • They affect our very health.
  • They affect our lungs, like Faith was talking about.

So, when we are using these cleaners and realize the connection between not being able to sleep, having those hot flashes, name a couple of other ones, your hear racing, or brain fog, all of those things could be connected to the cleaners that are being used.

Mark: And overall toxic load

Kathryn: Yeah, the overall toxic load. It’s very, very… thank you. That was perfect.

It’s very important that we take the time to detox our bodies, and there is a specific way that we can do that, and that is one of the classes that we teach and how to detox your body.

Sometimes we can’t get away from cleaners. Sometimes the toxins are just simply there because:

  • They are in our carpet.
  • They are in our furniture.
  • They are in the air from vehicles.
  • They are in the air from other things that are already happening.

So, we don’t have all the control that we would like to have, but we can take some control over what we are using within our homes.

Chemicals Lurking Everywhere

Mark: Yeah. I read an article some time back that there is well over a million different chemicals that are in products that a lot of us are around.

Even if they are not ones that you use at home, they may be if you go to a commercial building or whatever, they may be used in that commercial building for some of their cleaning or whatever they do.

However, even though there are that many chemicals, less than 200 have actually been tested in the human body for toxicity, so the rest they don’t even know what they do in the body, which is why it’s very critical we can avoid as many of them as we can.

Kathryn: Right. Thanks Sweetheart.

Comments and Questions

So, in the last two minutes that we have, I am going to just look at our comments here.

Yes, we can use all of these things in roller bottles. That can be very handy.

You can put your On Guard in a roller bottle and roll it on your feet, roll it on your hands, rub it around.

The On Guard products may be sold out. Has doTERRA estimated re-stock? That’s a really good question. When I was looking at it today, more things were out of stock than they were last week when we put our order in. I anticipate they are restocking as quickly as they can, but we haven’t heard yet any plans for their restocking. They are probably working as fast as they possibly can to do that.

The On Guard Family

Mark: I think we should take just a moment and go through what On Guard stuff there is, so to kind of keep track of what you might need in your house.

Kathryn: That’s right. And how can you order products through us? You can either go to the ‘‘ or you can go straight through Faith. She can help you order, or we can talk to you face to face, not face to face but on the phone or through Messenger, and we can help you that way. Does that answer your question Debbie? Aubrey as well can help you.

On Guard Foaming Hand Wash

So, we have the foaming hand wash that comes with this cute little dispenser that actually makes it foamy. When we bought it, we didn’t realize that we should actually dilute it with water, so we used the whole bottle in here, and I was, like, this is really expensive, until we learned to pour about 1/4 and then fill the rest up with water. That made sense, and it’s super effective.

Mark: Now a whole bottle lasts an entire year.

On Guard Cleaning Concentrate

Kathryn: Then we have the On Guard Cleaning Concentrate where it’s the same thing, you’ll just use a Tbsp in a certain amount of water, and off you go. We have it in a spray bottle. We just use it that way.

On Guard Laundry Detergent

Mark: This is the laundry soap. You barely use just a little bit of this. It doesn’t matter what your concentrate level is, particularly if you have it be a front-loading machine. It’s just a dribble in the bottom of here is all you need. The bottle is designed so that what you put the cap back on it just drains back into the bottle, which I think is brilliant. It doesn’t make a mess all over the place.

The 2-Week Sock Test

We did a little test on this real quickly. We took a pair of my work socks, and we washed them in our regular detergent. I think at that time, I’m not sure, I think we were using Tide or Gain. I kind of like the smell of Gain. Anyways, washed my socks in Gain or Tide, can’t remember which one it was, and we took them afterward and stuck them in a Ziploc bag. Then we took some of my sock and washed them in this and did the same thing. About two weeks later we pulled them out and opened that bag of the Gain and then quickly closed it again – and re-washed them and then opened the one with On Guard and just smelled great!

Kathryn: They were amazing

Mark: I was shocked at the difference, and that’s just clean socks in a Ziploc bag for a couple of weeks, so that kind of tells you a little bit of what’s actually coming out of them when you use the right stuff.

On Guard+ Softgels

Kathryn: That’s right. These are the On Guard softgels that I spoke of that were sold out. now, on my FaceBook page – it’s, we have the recipe to make your own On Guard+, so if you can’t get the softgels, you can make your own On Guard+ there.

On Guard Throat Drops

We have the On Guard lozenges. These are like cough drops, and they are amazing. They will kill those bacterias and viruses that are within your throat

Mark: They come in a bag like this.

Kathryn: They are wonderful. They are very numbing because of the clove that is in them. So, your pets, if you have pets, you can still use these around your pets, and it won’t bother your pets that way.

On Guard Essential Oil Blend

This is the actual On Guard 15mL bottle that you will want to diffuse, you can use it in making your own hand sanitizer. You can use it to make all kinds of things like bath bombs, so if you want to take a bath with it you certainly can. I learned how to make bath bombs recently, and it was quite the experience.

Mark: We won’t go into the details of that. Just say that the term ‘bomb’ was appropriate.

Kathryn: I realized I had too much water in my bath bomb when it kept growing and growing and growing in the mould, so I’m like, what did I do wrong? So I called Jillian, one of our daughters, and said, “Okay, what did I do wrong?” because Jillian is the expert, and she taught me.

On Guard Whitening Toothpaste, Mouthwash and Floss

This is the On Guard toothpaste, it’s whitening, and it can help protect you right at the source right there, followed by the On Guard mouthwash, which is quite refreshing and we actually really like the mouth wash.

Mark: It doesn’t have the alcohol that burns your throat like other mouthwashes do, and then you end up with mouth cancer. This one is a real treat, actually.

Kathryn: Yeah, it really is. Followed, of course, if you are flossing, which should be every day, we have On Guard floss.

On Guard Beadlets

And then, if you are out and about, let’s say just regular life. When we had our kids at home, I would be driving our kids around with their friends, or whatever, one of their friends got into the van, and they were hacking up a lung, and they were, like, oh, I don’t feel very good (while wiping nose on sleeve) and wiping their hand on whatever and touching whatever was in the car.

I just quietly pulled my beadlets out of my purse, put one under my tongue or in my mouth, let it just explode there, knowing that I was building my immunity system to help fight off whatever germs that this person brought into my vehicle, and you know, those small spaces, right?

I never did get sick or catch what it was that they were sharing. I am comforted to know that I have these particular things that can help us protect ourselves from all of these threats that are around us. There is more than just one threat that is around us.

We all have so many that we have to face every single day. If our immune systems are compromised, like Faith has already been, because she is already fighting that bronchitis, then we want to build up those immune systems and be able to fight off all of those threats. Would you agree?

Faith: Absolutely!

On Guard Beadlets and Hand Spray are Convenient and Easy to Use

Mark: These two here are really convenient. These two things you throw in your pocket or your purse. I throw them in my purse, okay, my pocket. Just always have them, because you don’t always know when you are going to run across a person that is just going to pass along something that you don’t want.

Go ahead Faith

Faith: I was just wondering, the beadlets are awesome, because you gave me one once, and it does work like a charm. I will vouch for that, but are they sold out as well?

Kathryn: I would have to look online again to see.

Faith: Because I haven’t been able to see them.

Mark: Two days ago they weren’t, so if they are…

Kathryn: Aubrey says they are.

A beadlet is a drop of the On Guard essential oil itself has been individually encased in a gelcap. That’s all it is. So, if you do find that they are sold out, you can take the On Guard in a 1/4 cup water – 1 drop of On Guard – don’t do more than that. if you do, you’ll know, but just one drop, and then you can gargle with it and swallow it down. So, that can help.

Essential Oil Safety

Now, something very important that we need to talk about if you are going to do that is safety, and that would be if you have any medications that you’re taking.

We need to discuss any interactions that could possibly happen with using the On Guard internally. So, you want to be sure that there aren’t going to be any before you use it. Is that fair? We want to be safe and make sure that you are healthy and strong. That is our goal. Yes. they are temporarily unavailable.

Is There Anything You want to Know?

Is there anything you want to know more? Normally, if this was our make and take class, at this point you would be sitting down and actually making these blends we have to share with you.

I’m sorry it has to be a webinar today instead of in person, but we will support you where we are and where you are and help you get those made so that you are able to protect your home and your family. Does that work for you?


Gratitude and Appreciation

Faith: Thank you so much guys for putting that on and being the spokes person. You’ve helped me, I didn’t have to do it. Yay!

Kathryn: Thank you for joining us today and giving us your time. I know Saturday afternoons are kind of busy for people. So, thank you very much. We are recording this today, so if you would like a copy, just let us know, and we’ll send it to you so you can remember what we’ve talked about, because we covered a lot of information today.

We’ll be sure to send those out as long as we have your e-mails. Debbie, I’m not sure I have your e-mail, so I will have Faith forward it to you. Is that okay?

Thank you for joining us! I hope you have a great day and stay healthy!

Faith: Stay warm! Stay healthy guys!

Fun Day Monday Natural Sunscreen after-sun care and bug repellent

Fun Day Monday Natural Sunscreen, After-Sun Skin Care, and Natural Bug Repellent!

Essential oils offer natural sunscreen options, as well as  after-sun care, and even bug repellent!

I thought I would share something relevant for summer, kids, camping, and keeping the bugs off naturally.

One of my very favorite resources is the “Modern Essentials” book that provides some great information on how to use essential oils, as well as specific information on each individual essential oil, recipes, and so much more! We, here at essentialkitty, have the “Modern Essentials Book” for sale at a discounted price. The 8th edition is currently available. However, the 9th edition will come out next month (September 2017). If you are interested in buying the 8th edition, we have it available for $30.00 CAD. Message me at if you would like one.

When I looked up sunscreen in the “Modern Essentials” book,

DoTERRA Hawaiian Sandalwod
DoTERRA Hawaiian Sandalwood

DoTERRA Arborvitae
DoTERRA Arborvitae

DoTERRA Helichrysum
DoTERRA Helichrysum



Click on the oil name to purchase. You will be taken directly to the shopping cart.









were listed as really good options for natural sunscreens.

If you plan to use these oils on children under the age of 6, be sure to check the dilution chart in “Modern Essentials” for how much to dilute for children and infants.

To use them, add 5-10 drops to 1 Tbsp doTERRA fractionated coconut oil, and apply to the skin.

Click on the oil name to purchase. You will be taken directly to the shopping cart. 

Fractionated coconut oil has its own natural sunscreen properties, such as:

  • Feather-light emollient provides a soothing barrier without clogging pores
  • Ideal for combining with essential oils for topical therapies
  • Completely soluble with all essential oils; odorless, colorless, and non-staining
  • Will not go rancid
  • For topical use

In the non-chemical fractionating process, the components of whole coconut oil that cause it to be solid at room temperature and be susceptible to oxidation are removed. The resulting substance is liquid at room temperature and very stable. Fractionated Coconut Oil provides
a number of advantages over whole coconut oil, primarily increased shelf-life.

Unlike whole coconut oil, Fractionated Coconut Oil is lighter, non-greasy, and has a greater cleansing effect on the skin, making it popular as a carrier for essential oils and as a base for a variety of skin care products. (resource: 15 uses for Fractionated Coconut Oil)

If you don’t have fractionated coconut oil, you can use

doTERRA’s unscented hand and body lotion

doTERRA Hand and Body Lotion
doTERRA Hand and Body Lotion

Click on the oil name to purchase. You will be taken directly to the shopping cart.

DoTERRA’s unscented hand and body lotion is a light, non-greasy formula that contains jojoba and macadamia seed oils, murumuru and theobroma seed butters, and nourishing plant extracts.

This lightweight lotion absorbs quickly to leave skin feeling silky soft and smooth. Ideal for both hands and body, this lotion pairs perfectly with essential oils, allowing you to create a personalized aromatic experience from head to toe.


For after-sun skin care, I reach for doTERRA Lavender and Peppermint essential oils.


doTERRA Lavender
doTERRA Lavender

doTERRA Peppermint
doTERRA Peppermint

When I went to Kalispell, MT, with my husband for the 4th of July celebrations, I forgot to use any kind of natural sunscreen. A day or two after we got home, my sunburn was really tender, itchy,  hot to the touch, and I felt very crispy.

I applied lavender essential oil (with some fractionated coconut oil) and then peppermint essential oil (again, with a little fractionated coconut oil) to help soothe the burn, take away the itch, and cool the burn a little.

I put a few drops of the oils in my hand and gently rubbed it onto the sunburn. I found that my skin did not peel at all because the oils conditioned the skin. The sunburn just turned into a nice tan within a couple of days.

If your burn is too tender to touch, you can put the oils into a spray bottle and spray them on like I did for one of our boys who had a severe, blistered sunburn. The oils helped to soothe the burn and to heal it a little faster.

To help keep the bugs off, we have used

doTERRA’s TerraShield blend.

To purchase, click on the oil name. You will be taken directly to the shopping cart.


We have found it very effective while sitting cheering on our children from the soccer sidelines, camping, hiking, working in the yard, and anything else we have been involved in. It is safe to use for children and infants. For safety, be sure to check the “Modern Essentials” dilution chart before using on children under the age of 6.

To purchase any of these oils, click on the oil name and a link will take you directly to the shopping cart.

I hope you have found value in what I have shared with you here. I look forward to sharing more with you.

To access all of my videos, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel, essentialkitty.

I look forward to serving you and making a difference in your life!

Ideal Healthy Weight Here I come!

Ideal Healthy Weight Here I Come!

September 2014   Before                 December 2014 After

TERRAfit 90-Day Challenge       TERRAfit 90-day Challenge

My desire to find my ideal healthy weight has been put on the back burner for the last year. The year 2016 was very difficult for us. It started with my husband having double by-pass open-heart surgery and ended with the passing of my wonderful mother-in-law. You can only imagine everything in between.

During 2016, my really cute size S-M, 6-8 clothes have been getting tighter and tighter until they no longer fit, and I was forced to go buy size L, 12-14 clothes!

The day I went through my closet and clear out all of the clothes I could no longer wear was very depressing. It was more than depressing. It was devastating. Fortunately, my husband has been very supportive in every stage and every need.

When I cleaned out my closet, I was not prepared to part with all those cute clothes. I put my clothes in our attic with the hope that one day I would reach my ideal healthy weight again and fit into them …. one day.

I am not sure if knowing they are there waiting for me to wear them again has inspired or discouraged me. I have struggled with bouncing between being inspired and discouraged. I now choose to be inspired. I choose to be committed to wearing them again.

The year 2017 brings with it hope to find my ideal healthy weight once again. How does one determine what their ideal healthy weight is? I read a book that said for a woman of medium-bone frame structure, the first 5 feet of height accounts for the first 100 pounds. Every foot after that, a medium-framed woman should add 5 pounds. I am of medium frame and am 5’6″ tall. Putting it all together, my ideal healthy weight is 130 lbs. That is my goal.

I used to weigh only 110 pounds in high school, but that was before marriage and babies. After having 5 babies, I weighed around 165 – 170 pounds. I worked diligently by working out with Billy Blanks 6 days a week. I didn’t really worry about what I ate. I just ate what we had. I managed to get myself down to 125 pounds in 3 months! That was awesome! However, once I reached my goal weight, I stopped working out and still ate whatever I wanted. I re-gained some of the weight back. Thankfully, I was a busy enough mom that I didn’t gain it all back.

However, after a few years, a divorce, a new marriage, and the onset of Degenerative Disc Disease, my activity level and metabolism changed. Slowly, I was able to do fewer and fewer active things that helped me keep my weight in check. Slowly, the weight found itself a permanent home on my body.

Over the last 12 years, there have been many days and months I have been in bed with significant back pain. The pain led to using prescription pain medications. The prescription pain medication added to weight gain. The weight gain led to larger sizes.

In the Fall of 2013, I found my own personal miracle with essential oils that changed my life so significantly that I was able to participate in some of my usual activities again. I found a way to control my back pain naturally. I will talk about that story in another post. It’s a really great story that I hope will inspire you.

There was also a time that I thought I had to buy into the belief that my back had to hurt. The more I believed it had to hurt, the more it hurt. The more it hurt, the less I could do.

In May 2015 I attended a 3-day “Make Your Mark” Business Mastery seminar with Colin Sprake. It was there that my mindset began to change. I learned how powerful thoughts are. It’s amazing how empowering or limiting our mindset can be. I will talk more about that later as well.

If you are a business owner, you want to attend this seminar. Are you struggling to make a profit or want to increase your profits? Click on this link to register for the next event February 2-4, 2017. Enter 16908 to activate the registration.

I have decided that I need to do the TERRAfit challenge again. I have done it a couple of times before and found it to be a very challenging and effective program. The TERRAfit program focuses on 3 key areas of success: Nutrition, exercise, and essential oils. You may wonder how essential oils can help with achieving weight release success. Over the next 12 weeks, I will talk about them as I blog about my progress. The specific oils used during the challenge are:

Slim & Sassy Essential Oil


Slim & Sassy (Smart & Sassy in Canada)




Peppermint Essential Oil




Lemon Essential Oil







Easy Air Essential Oil





Deep Blue Rub
Easy Air



Deep Blue Rub





Contact me at to learn how you can get your essential oils for 25% off and even earn free product! Be sure to include your e-mail address and phone number. I look forward to hearing from you!

Other products used during the challenge. They are:


LifeLong Vitality






Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex





Deep Blue Polyphenol Complex



Trim Shake


Slim & Sassy Trim Shake meal replacement powder. Available flavours are vanilla, chocolate, and vegan.




I am starting the challenge today, January 9, 2017. It is a 12-week challenge. I decided I would write about my progress every week with pictures, my successes, my difficulties, lessons learned, my triumphs, and celebrations.

The first daily challenge set before participants today is to weigh in, measure, and take before photos because “when you start with a clear view of where you are, it will be so much easier to celebrate your successes!” (TERRAFit Team)

As difficult and scary as they are, here are my starting stats:

Weight: 175 pounds

We will be weighing in every Monday. I am looking forward to seeing a slightly lower number in a week. Wish me luck!


  • Chest – 40″
  • Right arm – 13″
  • Left arm – 13″
  • Waist – 35″
  • Hips – 42.5″
  • Right Thigh – 21.5″
  • Left Thigh – 21.5″
  • Neck – 14.25″

Before Photos:

Ideal Healthy weight
As you can see, I have some work to do. There will be some obstacles in my way as I go through the challenge. For example, we are on the road fairly often. Being on the road has its own drawbacks with eating right, having time to exercise, being active, and drinking enough water throughout the day (It gets a little interesting when you need a washroom on the road with none to be found).

This coming week we will be traveling to Calgary (2-2.5 hours away from home) on business. Our schedule on one of those days will be as such:

3:15 a.m.: Alarm (hit snooze as many times as possible)

3:45 a.m.: Drag ourselves out of bed, shower, dress, etc.

5:00 a.m.: Leave for Calgary

7:45 – 8:30 a.m.: First business meeting

9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. : Next business meeting

11:00 a.m – noon: Network with other business owners

12:00: Client appointment

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.: Client appointment

Eat out for dinner

Drive home

10:30 – 11:00 p.m.: Arrive home and fall into bed

We have been doing this every other week. It is the longest day ever. Having a schedule like this makes getting 6 meals in before 8:00 p.m., exercising, drinking 64 ounces of water, doing the daily challenge, and taking all my whole food supplements of Life Long Vitality a real challenge. I will tell you that it is absolutely doable. It will just take some planning and then following the plan while on the road. With planning, I am sure I can reach my ideal healthy weight even on the road.

Wednesday will take us to Lethbridge (an hour away from us) for an appointment and other errands.

Thursday will take us back to Calgary for 3 appointments starting at 11:00 a.m.. That means we will have to leave by 8:30 a.m. and will get home at around 11:00 p.m.

We are equally busy when we are at home. Between our children, community involvement, business needs, and so much more, we have a lot of demands on our time and energy. I also have a part-time job working at the local health food store every Saturday.

Eating right, exercising, taking Life Long Vitality (& other supplements), LifeLong Vitalitydrinking 8 glasses of water, doing the daily TERRAfit challenge, and getting enough sleep are all on my commitments priority list.

Of course, there are days when I think I don’t have the time to do the things necessary to reach my goal of my ideal healthy weight, but when I take a step back, I realize that if I don’t follow through and do them, then I will not reach my goals, and my health also suffers. My back hurts more, I don’t have as much energy, I am less focused, and not as able to cope with all the stressors in life.

TERRAfit is not only a fitness challenge, it is a lifestyle challenge.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you.

Want to know more about the TERRAfit challenge? Visit the website

The next challenge starts on January 30, 2017. Click on the following link to join the next challenge. By clicking on this link, you will be joining my team, and I would be your coach for the challenge. I look forward to helping and supporting you on your journey to finding the health, vitality, energy, and feeling great!

Your natural body transformation starts now!









Green Cleaning Never Had It So Good!

Green cleaning never had it so good! Your guests will leave this motivating workshop with a complete line of eco-friendly, essential oil household products.


Are you open to natural methods of wellness? Are you open to Green cleaning with essential oils? What do you know about essential oils? Would you like to know more about them?

On our journey of natural health and wellness, we came across this awesome green cleaning option – making our own natural, effective, cleaners with essential oils.

Essential oils are natural, aromatic compounds that are extracted from plants. Like a toolbox has many different tools to build a house, each essential oil has its own properties, whether they are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and the list goes on. I am very confident cleaning with essential oils because of their powerful properties.

Have you ever noticed that a large amount of commercial cleaners use ingredients like lemon, lime, etc.? That is because of their awesome grease-cutting properties. Those are the natural properties of lemon and lime oils! Why not take those natural properties and put them into your own green cleaners?!

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 10.22.52 PM

When you make them yourself, you know exactly what’s in them. There will be no chemicals to irritate the lungs, skin, nails, hair, or any other body systems.

If you are particularly sensitive to store-bought cleaners, this could be the perfect answer to help you keep your home and family clean, healthy, and

We are currently offering Green Cleaning Make N’ Take Workshops in Calgary at the Shawnessy YMCA during the months of October and November.

We will be making All-Purpose Spray Cleaner, Counter Top Cleaner, Toilet Bowl Cleaner, Wood Furniture Cleaner, Tile & Grout Cleaner, Fruit & Veggie Spray, Stainless Steel Cleaner, Multi-Purpose Floor Cleaner, and more…… You can make all 11 spray cleaners or pick and choose what you like the best!

Need a different day, time, or location? Would you like to earn free oils? Host a class! We offer workshops in Calgary, Lethbridge, and Cardston, Alberta. Get your friends together for an evening of fun & education, and you and your friends get to take home the powerful benefits of your own green cleaners! Workshops are complimentary, except the cost of the supplies. Contact us! We’ll tell you more!

Come to a class that your friend is hosting! If you bring a friend, you’ll receive a gift just for bringing another guest with you! Be sure to register you and your friend for the workshop to ensure there are enough supplies on hand.

We are so excited to share with you!

You can e-mail us at or text 403-382-8885.

Hair today, hair tomorrow

Having trouble with hair loss, fragile, damaged or thinning hair, or wish it would just grow?

I have had some real problems with damaged, fragile, thinning, and reluctant-to-grow hair.

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 9.39.05 PM
October 2010

A few years ago, my hair was down to my waist. However, the longer it was, the thinner it became. It became frizzy, dry, brittle and difficult to control. In an effort to make it smoother and straighter, I tried using a straightening chemical on it – something like a perm, only in reverse. That chemical completely demolished it! It broke, started falling out, and was so damaged I had to cut it all off!

I was devastated! I truly mourned the loss of my long hair. It took several months for me to accept how short it was.

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 10.07.24 PM
July 2015

It was during this time that I started looking around for some answers to help regain its health, help it to grow, and make it stop falling out. Did I need some sort of supplements? Did I need to change my shampoo? Did I need to change the methods I used while style it? Did I need to use some sort of special cream or something natural that would help? The answer to all of the above is, yes!

I am so grateful to my daughters who know more than I do and for my sisters’ wealth of knowledge, expertise, and talent as a hair dresser. She is extraordinary. As my sister and I have chatted during a cut and style, she has taught me some very valuable information that has made a difference to me. I will pass on what I have learned to you with the hope that it makes a difference to you too!

First of all, how often are you shampooing? I used to shampoo every day. I felt I needed a fresh start to the day. Washing your hair so often strips it of the natural oils that protect it. Yes, washing it less often at first will seem to make your hair way more greasy. That’s just because the natural oils are trying to replenish themselves according to how they have had to keep up while being washed so often. Give it a week or two. The oils will balance out, so the greasiness won’t last very long. I now shampoo 1-3 times a week. Of course, I have to wash it more often when I swim.
Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 2.07.30 PM

Next, what shampoo are you using? Once upon a time, I was a die-hard Pantene girl. It made my hair feel great. I loved how it smelled and what it did for my hair. However, one of my (6) daughters and my younger sister, shared with me the secret of Argan Oil. One of the first changes I made was to add Argan Oil to my regimen after towel drying (yes, while I was still shampooing with Pantene). It took time, but eventually, I found the Argan Oil seemed to help make my hair a little stronger, less frizzy, a little softer, and more manageable.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 3.58.11 PMMy next change was to switch shampoos. I switched to Organix Argan Oil of Morocco shampoo and conditioner. When I made the switch, that was when I also changed to shampooing 2-3 times a week, and I didn’t really notice a big problem with greasy hair. (I also kept applying Argan Oil after towel drying). It seemed to adjust pretty quickly. I now switch between Organix and an organic vegetarian shampoo my sister gave me. Recently, I ran out of Organix and decided to try using the left-over Pantene in my bathroom cabinet. What a mistake! My hair was instantly dry, fly-away, and difficult to manage. It was shocking! I had even used my specially home-made all-natural hair mask before shampooing! (the recipe is coming later in this post).

At my last appointment with her, my sister also introduced me to a cream that helps strengthen the proteins (keratin). Things just keeps getting better and better! You need a fabulous hair dresser who knows her stuff!

It just so happened that when I made the switch to shampooing 2-3 times a week, I also found this awesomely amazing hair mask on Babilon Kay’s blog. Her posts are more for African-American hair. I tweaked it just a little to better meet my needs. I was desperate to get my hair to grow and become healthy, so I tried it. At first, I saturated it the night before I intended to shampoo. I have since come to understand that I really only need to have the mask on for 20-30 minutes. Nothing more is really absorbed after that.

Essential Hair Mask Recipe:

  • 1 cup shea butter
  • 1/2 cup cacao butter
  • 4 Tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 Tbsp grape seed oil
  • 1 Tbsp vegetable glycerin
  • 1 Tbsp sweet almond oil
  • 10 drops essential oil (I use 10 drops of 3 different kinds of essential oils, making the total 30 drops). What essential oils may help with hair problems?


Place shea butter, cacao butter, and coconut oil in a microwaveable/freezer-safe dish. Microwave in 30-second increments, stirring between, just until melted. Add remaining ingredients. Blend well. Place in the freezer for 20-30 minutes, until cloudy around edges. Whip mixture on high until it resembles cake batter. Place in a container. Does not need to be refrigerated.

To Use:

Apply mask to scalp and hair in small sections. Start at the root and apply a light/medium amount of cream from root to tip. (In my experience, the amount I have to use varies according to how dry my hair is that day. Some days it soaks up the moisture quite quickly, necessitating using more.) When the entire scalp and hair are covered, leave on for 20-30 minutes. Shampoo and condition as usual. You may need to shampoo twice to get all of the mask out. If you find your hair is greasy or heavy, too much mask has been left behind. A very effective agent to get the mask out is apple cider vinegar. Not only does it get all the mask out, it is also a natural conditioner that promotes growth.

I swim as part of my exercise routine, and I use this mask for protection against damage when I swim.

These few simple changes have made an incredible difference in the rate of growth, texture, and manageability.

Some Reasons for Hair Loss and Other Problems

One of the resources for my information is the book “Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition” by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC. The following excerpt is from her book:

“Baldness or loss of hair is referred to as alopecia. Alopecia totalis means loss of all the scalp hair. Alopecia universalis means loss of all body hair, including eyebrows and eyelashes. If hair falls out in patches, it is termed alopecia aerate. This condition is usually temporary and rarely leads to baldness. Factors that are involved in hair loss include heredity, hormones, and aging.

A less dramatic, but more prevalent, type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (AGA), or male pattern baldness. AGA is common in men. As the name implies, a genetic or hereditary predisposition to the disorder and the presence of androgens – male sex hormones – are involved in this condition.

Women sometimes have the same type of hair loss, but it is not usually as extensive and most often does not occur until after menopause. All women experience some hair thinning as they grow older, especially after menopause, but in some it begins as early as puberty. In addition, most women lose some hair two or three months after having a baby because hormonal changes prevent normal hair loss during pregnancy.

In addition to heredity, other factors that promote hair loss include:

  • Poor circulation
  • Acute Illness
  • Surgery
  • Radiation exposure
  • Skin disease
  • Sudden weight loss
  • High fever
  • Iron deficiency
  • Diabetes
  • Thyroid disease
  • Drugs, such as those used in chemotherapy
  • Ringworm
  • Other fungal infections
  • Chemicals, such as hair dyes
  • Vitamin deficiencies

End of excerpt

The Importance of Nutrients and Nutrition

I have done quite a bit of study and research into what vitamins and and minerals make up the hair and what supplements would make the greatest positive impact to help me reach my goals and dreams of healthy, beautiful, strong, manageable hair.

The following condensed excerpt is from “Prescription for Nutritional Healing, Fifth Edition” by Phyllis A. Balch, CNC:

Very important nutrients the hair needs are:

  • Essential fatty acids (flaxseed oil, primrose oil, or salmon oil)
  • Raw thymus glandular
  • Bitamin B complex with Vitamin B3, B5, B6, plus extra biotin and inositol and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Vitamin C with bioflavonoids (those who are prone to kidney stones should check with their doctor first, as vitamin C may be contraindicated)
  • Vitamin E (those who are on blood thinner or anticoagulant therapy should check with their doctor first, as vitamin E may thin the blood further)
  • Zinc

Important nutrients the hair needs are:

  • Coenzyme Q10 plus Coenzyme A
  • DMG (dimethyglycine
  • Kelp

Some helpful nutrients are:

  • Copper
  • Dioxychlor
  • Grape seed extract
  • L-cysteine and L-methionine plus glutathione
  • MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)
  • Silica (silicon)

Nutrient Sources

I am currently utilizing some really great sources for whole-food nutrients:

  • doTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality
  • True Hope Freeminos
  • BioSil
  • Hair Force
  • Balanced diet
  • Plenty of water

Hair-Healthy Herbs:

Use apple cider vinegar and sage tea as a rinse to help hair grow

Ginko biloba improves circulation to the scalp

Green tea, pygeum, and saw palmetto may aid in reducing hair loss in men

Tea tree oil combats bacteria and mites that may cause hair loss. Massage 10 drops into the scalp, then shampoo in the usual fashion.

Phyllis A Balch, CNC, Also Suggests:

Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetable and low in starch. This may help slow down the process of hair loss. Fruits and vegetables contain flavonoids, many of which are antioxidants that may provide protection for the hair follicles and encourage growth.

Eat plenty of foods high in biotin and/or take supplemental biotin as recommended. Biotin is needed for healthy hair and skin, and may even prevent hair loss in some men. Good food sources of biotin include brewer’s yeast, brown rice, bulgur, green peas, lentils, oats, soybeans, sunflower seeds, and walnuts.

Caution: Brewer’s yeast can cause an allergic reaction in some individuals. Start with a small amount at first, and discontinue use if allergic symptoms occur.

Include soy foods such as soybeans, tempeh, and tofu in your diet. Soy foods appear to inhibit the formation of dihydrotestosterone, a hormone implicated in the process of hair loss.

Do not eat foods containing raw eggs. Raw eggs not only pose a risk of salmonella infection, but are high in avidin, a protein that binds to biotin and prevents it from being absorbed. Cooked eggs are acceptable.

Lie head down on a slant board fifteen minutes a day to allow the blood to reach your scalp. Massage your scalp daily.

Use shampoos and conditioners that contain biotin and silica. Aloe vera gel, vitamins C and E, and jojoba oils are also very good. Conditioners containing chamomile, marigold, ginseng, and/or passionflower help to keep hair healthy as well.

Be careful of using products that are not natural. Allergic reactions to chemicals in these products occur frequently. Alternate among several different hair care products, using only all-natural and pH-balanced formulas. Nature’s Cabin carries a variety of natural hair care products.

Hair is fragile when wet. Gently pat wet hair dry and squeeze out remaining moisture with a towel.

Cover your hair when it is exposed to sunlight. Long exposure to sunlight and seawater can be damaging.

Avoid rough treatment. Do not use a brush or fine-toothed comb. If at all possible, towel dry only. Also, do not use a blow-dryer or other heated appliances; let it dry naturally. Do not comb your hair until it is dry, as it tends to break off when wet. Use a pick to put wet hair in place. Do not wear tight ponytails, cornrows, or other styles that pull on the hair.

Avoid crash diets and diets that neglect any of the food groups. These can cause deficiencies in nutrients that are detrimental to the hair.

If you are losing large amounts of hair, see a physician.

I also have made doTERRA’s LifeLong Vitality Complex a part of my daily routine. This complex provides the full B vitamin complex. B vitamins are important for health and growth of hair.



Honey-Dijon Sauce

Honey-Dijon Sauce

Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 1.20.16 PM

This Honey-dijon sauce is one of my favourite sauces ever! It’s easy, quick, and versatile. I like to brush it on my salmon while it’s baking or as a sauce served over my cooked chicken breast/thighs & brown rice. Mmm!


1/4 cup dijon

1/2 cup honey

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 drop thyme essential oil (doTERRA) or 1/2 – 1 tsp dried thyme (according to taste)


Place all ingredients in a bowl and stir until well incorporated. Serve over chicken, salmon, white fish, pork chops, rice, quinoa, buckwheat groats, or millet.

What are the health benefits of dijon mustard?

What are the health benefits of honey?

What are the health benefits of olive oil?

What are the health benefits of thyme essential oil?


Cardiac Surgery Caregiver Preparation

Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 8.59.20 AM

As the caregiver for a cardiac patient, keeping myself healthy is as important as keeping my husband healthy prior to and during his procedure and recovery.

My husband and I are preparing for his double by-pass cardiac surgery that is scheduled for Monday, February 1, 2016. He was originally scheduled for last Friday, but another patient needed help first, so we were bumped. Just getting to this point has been a journey and an adventure. It took a few years to pinpoint the cause of his chest pain in the first place. He had a cardiac angiogram last October that showed his need for some re-routed plumbing.

It has been a real challenge to watch my husband, who tirelessly takes care of me and our family, become the one who needs to be taken care of. Now, it’s my turn to be the caregiver. I only hope I can give him the kind of care that he so compassionately, lovingly and patiently has given me.

There are some things that I am realizing are very important in the caregiver role:

Caregiver health matters.

As we approach his cardiac surgical date (with much anxiety) we are both very aware of every cough, sniffle, tickle, or any other malady that either of us may come in contact with. For him to catch a cold before his surgery could cause another postponement, which would of course bring more stress and lots of time to build up more anxiety about the whole procedure. That would also give him more time to have a heart attack and subsequently add problems, or worse, I could lose him altogether. We are both taking every precaution that we can take to stay healthy and avoid the cold/flu that is going around our community. It wasn’t until I started looking at my role as a caregiver, rather than only a wife, that it hit me how important protecting my own health mattered. This is not about being selfish or self-centred, but rather putting someone else’s needs above your own.

It is easy to overlook the health of the caregiver because all the focus is on the cardiac patient. However, if I were to contract a cold this week, incubate it for a few days, and then go see him after he has his surgery, then there is a great chance that I could share it with him in his weakened immunity state. He and I like to share with each other, just not viruses at such a critical time.

The danger in sharing that cold with him would be the possibility of pneumonia setting in, tearing his stitches, prolonging his recovery time, disturbing the breast bone that is trying to heal from being cut and pried open, or infection. The hospital staff want him to cough deeply several times a day to help prevent pneumonia during recovery, which is a risk to begin with when someone goes through by-pass cardiac surgery. Add in a virus and you have a recipe for disaster. As a caregiver, I want to minimize the amount of suffering and discomfort he has to endure.

What precautions are we taking?

That’s a good question. Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 9.21.25 AM

  1. Let’s start with eating healthy foods on purpose. I know, healthy foods can be boring, right? It’s so much more enjoyable to eat those chips, cakes, cookies, candies, pop, etc. We have been working on eating healthy foods on purpose for quite a while now. When I bake or cook something, our children ask if it’s healthy or not. If it’s healthy, they tend to shy away from it thinking it’s not going to taste good. True, some of my “healthy” experiments have made it to the family “remember when….” memories, but I have come up with some pretty tasty treats that also serve as nutritious and satisfying. I have found that when I choose to eat more nutritious foods, that I have more energy to fill the role of the caregiver. When I choose to eat whatever is around, I don’t have the same vitality, patience, ability, or stamina to take care of myself or my husband. Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 9.29.16 AM
  2. I put effort in to drink enough water. It may seem like a simple thing, but it is one of the major things that helps the body detoxify and boost the immune system. Drinking enough water gives the body all the hydration it needs to perform vital functions. Less water = less energy. Screen shot 2016-02-06 at 11.31.46 AM
  3. I like to add lemon essential oil and baking soda to my reverse osmosis water. Why? The lemon oil helps to remove toxins from the body. You can also add baking soda (1 tsp/4 Litres) to your water to increase the pH level of your water, which can be important to good health. Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 10.49.11 AM
  4. I include exercise. Don’t like to exercise? Don’t think you have time? Yes, being a caregiver can be demanding on your time, but even if you can only squeeze in a few minutes of yoga, pilates, TaeBo, TERRAfit (if you are interested in joining a 90-day TERRAfit challenge, please e-mail me at I am a TERRAfit coach and would love to help you reach your goals!), go for a walk, or go to the gym, DO IT. Sometimes, I struggle with getting my exercise in every day. Exercise helps to boost your ability to deal with stress. You are going to need all the help you can get in that department. Stress can be a contributor to illness.Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 11.09.23 AM
  5. I try to go to bed early enough to get the sleep I need. Sleep is a beautiful thing. I am an 8-hour creature. I just need it. On Guard+
  6. I take On Guard+ softgels. We love our essential oils. One of the products that we use is On Guard+ softgels. It is a blend of some powerful antibacterial, antiviral, oils that promote and support a healthy immune system. Mark was feeling a cold coming on just yesterday. I had him take On Guard+ softgels throughout the day to help support and boost his immune system. Today, there is no sign of a cold. As his caregiver, I have also been taking On Guard+ softgels because if he is feeling a cold coming on, there is a good chance that I may be carrying the virus too. If I boost my immune system to help fight off the bugs, then we are that much closer to keeping it away. We are continuing to take it daily as a proactive approach.Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 12.17.01 PM
  7. We have been limiting sick visitors to our home. Your friends and family may want to show their support by being around and helping out in any way that they can. Seriously, though, if they are sniffling, coughing, feverish and stuffed up, they will help out the most by staying home and getting better themselves. You will appreciate their visit and help more when they come back healthy. The last thing you want is to need a caregiver for the caregiver. Screen shot 2016-02-01 at 12.21.06 PM
  8. I try to manage my stress. Some ideas to manage stress are to: Read a book. Take a bath. Go for a walk. Do something you really enjoy doing, even if it’s just for a few minutes to help you decompress and relax. You are going to need every ounce of energy you can muster.Emotional Aromatherapy Title Line
  9. I like to use essential oils to help manage my mood/stress. Essential oils are aromatic compounds that come from plants that can help with the roller coaster of emotions you’re going through. Being a caregiver does not mean that you will be immune from the many emotions that can come with the heavy demands.  Essential oils can help with relaxation so you can get a good night’s rest. They can help ease anxiety, grief, fear, stress, depression, and more. Learn more about Emotional Aromatherapy.
    On Guard Oil
  10. I like to diffuse essential oils, like On Guard. If you do have a friend or family member who brings an illness to your home, set a diffuser with On Guard. Essential oils are naturally antiviral and antibacterial, some more than others. The On Guard blend is specifically designed to help clean the air of viruses and bacteria (especially when diffused). As the caregiver, you’ll be grateful you took the steps to ward off as many bacteria and viruses as possible. You’ll feel great knowing that you’ve done everything you can to keep your loved one as healthy as possible. On Guard Hand Wash
  11. I wash my hands often. Sometimes, I feel that’s all I’m doing. I like to use On Guard foaming hand wash. Washing your hands breaks the chain and helps to control the spread of viruses/bacteria. I have found that when I use the liquid soap we buy from Costco, my hands become dry and chapped from washing so often. However, when I wash using On Guard foaming hand wash, my hands don’t dry out because it is pH balanced. In fact, they are healthier and softer when I use the On Guard foaming hand wash. I feel so confident using this hand wash. I know that I am killing germs, viruses, bacteria, and everything else I can’t even imagine is there.
  12. Last, but certainly not least, I have faith in God and Jesus Christ. I live only a couple of blocks away from an LDS temple. I like to go there to ponder and pray. I trust that the Lord is watching over me and my family. I trust that He has a plan. My faith has brought great peace to my mind, heart, and soul. Whatever your faith may be, be sure to take some time to meditate, pray, and feel connected to whatever faith/Deity you may believe. This one item may help you to give the best, most loving service that you can as the primary caregiver of your loved one.          Click on the following link to watch a wonderful 3:25 minute video about faith.


Want to know more? e-mail me at I would love to hear from you!


Inability to lose weight? The answer could be in your blood!

Can you relate to this?Screenshot 2015-11-03 22.35.51

How frustrating! How infuriating! How depressing! How discouraging! It just makes me want to give up!

I’ve done EVERYTHING I should EVERY DAY: I drink all 8 glasses of water, eat 6 smaller meals, eat at least 10 different healthy foods, eat at least 4 vegetables, exercise (5 days a week), take my supplements, use a great meal replacement shake twice a day, finish all my meals before 8:00 in the evening, and live an active lifestyle.

I don’t drink alcohol, smoke, or do drugs.

I have eliminated/strictly limited sugar, potatoes, gluten, corn, and dairy from my diet.

So why, then, has my weight either stayed the same or increased?????

Well, there are other factors that are involved in women’s weight.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 21.49.45

My husband and I have been doing the TERRAfit 90-day fitness challenge together since September 28, 2015. His weight has steadily gone down every week. Mine has stayed pretty much the same. I am still overweight, bordering on obesity. That is not a healthy way I want to live my life.  Why does he see success where I am completely stuck?

We recently attended a Mind and Body Wellness Fair in Kelowna, B.C., where we met some interesting people who have shed some light on this subject.

One lady, in particular, Shannon Bliss is a wonderful lady who founded “Health is Bliss” in Kelowna, B.C. We took the opportunity to have her look at each of our blood and do a quick “Live Blood Analysis.” It was fascinating! We learned so much about ourselves and what we each need to do to improve our health, just by looking under a microscope to see what our blood had to tell us. We are so VASTLY different, yet at the same time, have some similarities.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 21.33.10

A couple of the things that I learned about my own health are:

1. Although I am taking a fantastic nutritional supplement (Life Long Vitality) with all the omega’s one could possibly ask for in a supplement, my body has not been absorbing any of them – at all! This is one of the reasons I am always feeling so exhausted and unmotivated. It’s tough to get out of bed in the morning feeling like you haven’t even slept yet. Sure, I went to sleep. My eyes were closed all night, but I didn’t feel rested. I have had to push myself to get excited about our 6:00 a.m. workout session before we get on with our busy day. Gratefully (I think), my husband is dedicated to helping me reach my goals and wants to see me succeed as much as I do, so he makes sure I get the workouts done. Yes, I have continued doing our workouts; although, admit that I am asking myself, “what’s the point? It’s not making a difference anyway.”  Yeah, I know that my thoughts have an effect on my results. I promise I will improve on that.  (I’ll post some interesting information about that later on.)

So, having learned that my red blood cells are not using the omega’s that I am taking means having to switch to another omega complex. I have not been excited about having to switch because I really like my current supplements. I talked to the owner of “Nature’s Cabin” in Cardston, Alberta. She suggested that taking Acetyl L-Carnitine may help me to absorb the healthy fats I am eating in my diet as well as the omegas I am supplementing with. I am truly hoping that it makes a difference.

Shannon also explained that it would be wise to use emulsified omega’s to help my body learn what it should be doing with those beautiful omega’s. So, I have switched from my usual regimen to give that a try, with the intention to return to my original supplements in a few months when by body is ready.

2. My liver is having to pick up the work that my red blood cells are not doing. This is causing distress to the liver. In all my years of learning about weight management and loss, I understand that if the liver isn’t happy, weight is not going anywhere. The liver needs help first. Once the liver is happy, then it can do its job of clearing out toxins and excess weight. This poor liver needs some TLC. I will continue with the healthy foods and staying away from the unhealthy sugary, packaged, fast foods that seem to be taking over our Western diet and lifestyle. I will also be diligently working on helping those red blood cells to do their job effectively and efficiently, thereby taking some of the workload off the liver.

Screenshot 2015-11-03 21.43.15

3. A magnesium deficiency can lead to problems like poor bowel health, poor sleep quality, migraines & headaches (I ALWAYS have a headache), fatigue/low energy, chronic neck and back pain, stiff, sore muscles, sugar cravings and weight gain, PMS and hormonal imbalances, constipation, indigestion, teeth grinding, and so many more symptoms and conditions. I have suffered with all of these.

Yes, I started taking a magnesium supplement right away. I chose to use “CALM.” I found it at the local health food store, “Nature’s Cabin.” It’s a powder that you mix with warm water and drink just before bedtime. It has a tart-sweet taste (something like SweetTarts), and it has a light fizz to it. The first night I took it, I found that I had such a restful sleep that I didn’t want to disturb it in the morning. It felt so good to feel so relaxed I didn’t want to move a muscle. Okay, so I still had a hard time getting out of bed – but for a different reason.

There were a number of other things that I discovered about my health that I have learned what and how to change and what direction to take that I am feeling encouraged and hopeful. I am working to become healthy from the inside out. If you are concerned about some of these things or want to know what’s really going on inside your body, I would recommend Shannon Bliss to you. She is thorough and explains things in a way that you can understand. As always, I also recommend talking to your healthcare provider to be sure you aren’t missing any underlying issues.

My Year, My Goals


This year has been challenging with regards to maintaining a healthy weight.

My goal is to look and feel even better than I did at the end of last year. I have some work to do.

I had some setbacks over the last 10 months that caused a significant amount of weight gain. My goal is to reach my ideal weight before Christmas.

I plan to:

Eat at least 10 servings of healthy foods per day.

Eat at least 4 servings of vegetables every day.

Eat 3-4 servings of fruits per day.

Drink at least 64 ounces of water per day.

Eat 6 smaller meals per day – all before 8:00 p.m.

Take whole food supplements daily.

Use Certified-Pure Therapeutic-Grade essential oils.

Exercise 5 days a week, resting on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Have a support network that will hold me accountable.

Reduce my toxic load.

Work closely with my doctor to monitor any health concerns.

Take an active role in understanding my own healthcare.

Meditate regularly.



Muscle Density Broccoli Salad


It’s fascinating to look at why particular foods are chosen to help build muscle and burn fat naturally.

Muscle Density Broccoli Salad

What you need

Picture 46

1/2 pound cooked steak, cut in strips

1 cup broccoli, cooked and chopped

1 cup green beans, cooked and cut

1 stalk celery, sliced

1/2 cup mushrooms, sliced

1 green onion, sliced

1/2 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1/2 Tbsp lemon juice

1/4 cup nonfat yogurt

1/2 tsp mustard

1/4 tsp ground pepper

1/2 head of lettuce

1/2 tomato, sliced

Fresh parsley

Cooking instructions

In large salad bowl, combine steak, broccoli, green beans, celery, mushrooms, and onion.

In a screw-top jar, combine the vinegar, lemon juice, yogurt, mustard, and pepper, and shake until thoroughly mixed for the salad dressing.

Arrange salad on a bed of lettuce leaves. Garnish with tomato slices and parsley.

Serves 2

Nutritional information

240 calories

30 grams protein

20 grams carbohydrate

7 grams fat